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5th Grade

No items found.

6th Grade

6th Guidance

Language Arts
See the following website with information:

You can find the 6th grade math homework listed on our 6th grade website at:

6th Grade Reading
See the following website with information:

Friday, May 30 - None

Social Studies
9 essentials of a map: check up tomorrow.
Students have copies of notes in their folder or can be "googled."
TODALSIGS (is the acronym for the main essentials)

Technology - Grade 6
Lesson plans for the year can be found on my website.

7th Grade

Please see the following website:

Refer to the following website for information on 7th grade:

7th Guidance

7th Grade Language Arts
Monday-Read chapters 7, 8, 9.
Tuesday-quiz over those chapters, study for vocab test, read chapters 10-12.
Wednesday-Take vocab test. Class discussion over book.
Thursday-Outsiders quiz
Friday-Begin movie of "The Outsiders"

Pg 409-411 #5-9, 10-24 even, 27,28,30 due Tuesday.
Problem of the Week due Friday.
Chapter 9 Test on Wednesday.

7th Grade Science

Finish Population Assessment and share with Mrs. Krause
due 5/20 before class begins

Technology - Grade 7
Lesson plans for the year can be found on my website.

8th Grade

Due Thursday, April 17: Read the three case summaries on pp. 28-36 in the Constitution Packet; answer the associated questions on pp. 28-29, 32-33, and 36.

8th Civics

Please see the following website:

Language Arts
Monday, June 2 (LAST DAY OF SCHOOL for 2013-14)

Students in 8th grade will go with Mr. Kruse to the aquatic center for water safety training. Upon their return, they will cycle through their class schedule for check-out with each instructor.

Following the afternoon assembly, students will have their lockers inspected for check-out purposes, so please make arrangements to take everything home and wipe down your locker with disinfectant so the lockers are clean as a whistle. :)

Students attending the Washington D.C. trip will board the bus after the assembly and embark upon their adventure. Safe travels and enjoy!

Thanks for a terrific year, everyone!

8th Grade Mathematics
In class review multiplying & dividing fractions.

Begin cleaning up your math textbook. Will turn in textbooks on Tuesday, May 20.

Science Rinehart
Websites over Water Quality of College Creek due Monday May 12th

Technology - Grade 8
Lesson plans for the year can be found on my website.

Quiz 7.10/7.11 - Factoring polynomials; factoring to solve a polynomial.

We have completed all DP's & POW's for the year.

4Q Test covering Ch 7 - Ch 8.4 is scheduled for Thursday, May 29. The review sheet will be handed out early next week.

I have the whole week assignments on my webpage at

Exploratory/Elective Courses

Agricultural Education
No homework.

No homework.

Complete Wellness Plan and get a parent's signature.

7th Grade PE - mile run tomorrow
April 8th

Industrial Arts
No homework.

Instrumental Music
No Homework

Physical Education Grades 5 and 6

Physical Education Grades 7 and 8
No homework.

May 23. 2014

6th grade: no assignment
7th grade: Family Project due Thursday
8th grade: Oral descriptions Wednesday

Talented & Gifted
Killer Angels read pages 284-300
Have one quality discussion question written from the reading. You will turn this in.
You are required to take notes over this section as always.

Vocal Music
No homework